Panther Totem

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PANTHER's medicine includes: Rebirth, knowledge of darkness and death

Panther, let me know your silent wisdom.
As my perception expands,
I will find a wealth of insight awaits me.

Panther is secretive, silent, and graceful in her every move. She is solitary by choice, she tells little but listens much. She is careful not to share too much information, only enough to ease curious minds.

Panther people have a broader vision. Panther medicine gives them a deeper insight, both spiritually and psychically. Their enhanced perspective lets them see things in close detail or from a distance. Panthers enter the world enlightened whereas others have to work to achieve that.

Black Panther is very mystical, she finds the most power in darkness. Black Panther understands death and teaches people not to fear it, for out of death comes rebirth.

When Panther enters your life, it is time for a new beginning, a new door has opened up for you. Panther introduces you to an expanded awareness, alternate realities, the elimination of fears, and most of all, total rebirth. Panther gives us the opportunity to become a whole new person, and she promises to be our protector and guardian throughout this rebirth process.