Animal Totems

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The use of animals for spiritual enlightenment dates back beyond ancient Egypt. It is a method of learning about ourselves, our lives, our pasts, our futures, and all of our Relations. To truly walk in  balance we must honor our Animal Relations by listening to what they have to teach us.

Our fellow creatures, the animals, are all different. If the Totem you are to learn from at this time is a shark, you must ask yourself what type of shark.  Here you will find very generalized characteristics
and lessons that the animals bring to us, but you must remember that each animal is also individual. Your culture and society are also important. If Cat comes to you in your dreams, he may be telling you
something different than he is telling me simply due to our regions. An example, my spirit-sister thinks of evil when she sees a cat. I, on the other hand, often think of Egypt. Cat in a dream would be very
different for her than it is for me. The generalities of Cat, however, would be the same.

When you call upon the power of an animal, you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with the strength of that creature's essence. Gaining understanding from these brothers and sisters of the
animal kingdom is a healing process, and must be approached with humility and intuitiveness. The power lies honoring every living thing as a teacher.  The lessons taught are eternal and they are forever  forthcoming. If the learning is over, so is the magic and the life.